WHAT! This Mega Fashion Influencer Is 31?

That’s the same question I’m asking myself. More than that I am asking myself how and what Yoyo Cao is doing to look like an 18 year old in high school.

Yoyo Cao is a fashion Queen. I personally started noticing her when she began to stand out to me during New York Fashion week, then Milan Fashion week, Paris Fashion and pretty much any and every fashion week. Huge fashion magazines and websites feature her (like mine) during all the fashion weeks and it’s impossible not to notice her. Yoyo’s impeccable style is undeniable but what I always noticed was here radiant baby face that always looked so lifted, toned, hydrated, clear and smooth. I quickly added her on instagram so that I could stay in the loop. One day Yoyo revealed one of the face masks that she loves and uses.

“One of the best face masks I’ve used.”

Yoyo Cao (Via instagram)

And if Yoyo Cao says it’s the best face mask that she’s used, well then it most be pretty darn good. We are talking about an influencer that works with some of the top skincare companies in the industry. She works with the likes of La Mer, Chanel, Dior, Hermes Beauty and I’m sure so many other companies and brands that allow her to test out their amazing skin care but she praises AHC Beauty. That must be some really amazing mask. AHC is a Korean skincare brand and Korean skincare is known to be at least 10 years or more ahead of the Western Hemisphere. So, I am not surprised. If anything I am thankful that there are people who are extremely knowledgeable and advanced with skincare so all woman around the world can reap the benefits of being able to obtain incredible skin. Hopefully Yoyo will share more of her daily routine and skincare and products that keep her looking so young on her website or on her instagram @Yoyokulala so we can obtain baby faces like hers.

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