Quarantine Is The Best Time To Get Customized.

Now that Covid-19 has forced the entire world to stay in doors, I have now had time to focus my attention on some things I have had my eye on for a long time. I love having things customized. I mean who doesn’t? Maybe not everything… but having a few special things customized really does something. And… it makes that something even more special.

I recently during this years Febuary fashion week got a customized flask made for my mom, sister and myself. I just think that customization makes the gift above and beyond special. Not only did I get them something but I took it to another level and got it customized for them. Now, that shows a level of care.

It also shows how much you care about yourself when you customize something for yourself. Either way not all customized things are made equal. Some customized things can look tacky and cheap. I went to Kirkland’s a few months back and will never forget these monogrammed mugs. They were the most beautiful mugs I had ever seen. Just looking at them made me want to drink more tea, more Matcha Latte’s and a cup of coffee, which I don’t even drink coffee. Starring at those mugs excited me and I had a vision that I would drink out of them all the time just because of how elegant they looked.

Unfortunately they ran out of the letter G and I didn’t want to get a mug with another initial on it. So, I left without it. Fast forward to present day. I was recently doing some interior decorating online window shopping and came across practically the same exact Mug on the William Sonoma website And they actually had my first name initial letter and I did not hesitate to stock up! Matter a fact I bought one for a bunch of family members as well. Might as well get the birthday and Christmas shopping out of the way while in quarantine. On top of that they were having a pretty good sale plus free shipping over $50, so it made sense to buy all I needed and wanted. Plus, these monogrammed mugs are a hot commodity and I knew they would sell out quickly as I had noticed that some monogrammed plates that were on sale for $5.99 had all sold out (super sad face). On top of that I could see the glamour and sophistication they would add to my daily life and studio apartment. Also, the cups look extremely expensive and me getting them as gifts for my whole family would make my family feel as though they now had received a really pricey gift, and feel as though I was balling out of control and that I have really good taste and in return would make them buy me a really expensive gift when my birthday and Christmas comes around (hehe). “Hey, you gotta give to receive, right”? Just give smarter, not more expensiver… Right.

If I’m going to be stuck in the house I might as well be sipping pretty and even if I wasn’t stuck in the house I would still always want to be sipping pretty. That’s just me. Cheers.

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