I might just look like a super model after Quarantine and this is why…

So, before this Pandemic even began I had high hopes and high goals to obtain a body like Victoria Secret models Romee Strijd and Jasmine Tookes.

I was already following them on instagram and youtube and knew that they trained at Dogpound, a gym in NYC and now in L.A where all the hottest models in the game train.

As the Covid-19 situation started to evolve and many people all around the country started to be confined to their homes, Dogpound and many of the trainers that train there started to have live training sessions on Instagram.

I could not contain my excitement and I knew that this was a once in a life time Oppurtunity. Finally I would be able to truly train like an angel.

I was about to get access to the exact workouts and training that my favorite super models pay top dollar for. And more than anything, finally obtain the same results as my favorite super models!

I wasn’t sure if Quarantine was a curse or a gift. Fast forward to two weeks in Quarantine and I have been watching religiously as I have nothing else to do and I promised myself that after all this pandemic is over I would walk out my house a completely new species.

I cannot lie, I did a two circuit workout today with @Rjathayde from the NYC location and I almost died but was ready to be back for more tomorrow.

I have been waking up everyday excited and motivated to completely change my body and just motivated about the fact that I am literally training with the same exact trainers as the hottest women alive. I might be added to the hottest woman alive list after Dogpound is through with me.

The most important thing than my dreams and I’m sure many other woman and men around the world’s dreams coming true is the fact that Dogpound is offering these training sessions via their instagram for an amazing cause which is to help with the Covid-19 situation.

Now, what is better than that. I have also been adding some old favorites back to my playlist and am excited to have dance parties in my house to these songs and workout to them as well!

Some songs that I forgot were so good and need to add to my Apple Music list and Spotify playlist is: ZHU x Skrillex x THEY- Working for it (I use to listen to this song all the time!), Drake- Money in the Grave (which I already have added to my playlist and now love particularly for working out), Migo’s- Fight Night (I also use to listen to this song so much in the past but will definitely be creating a special workout playlist with this song after seeing how certain songs can really push me through an excruciating workout.)

Happy Workouts everyone! Stay inside, stay safe, and do something during this time of Quarantine that will work on you and improve you in some shape or form! Also, I implore you to do something everyday and work on something everyday that you love to do or want to become better at!

And I will be sure to show you what my body looks like after this Quarantine is over! Now that I have said it, I have to hold myself to it.

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