Which Puppy Baby I Really Want to Make My Own.

Dogs are amazing! They are SOO LOVABLE, cute, sweet, playful, caring and their instincts can be so spot on, being able to know if their owner is sick before a doctor does. So it’s no wonder I have been wanting to add a little baby puppy to my family years. Being quarantine seems like theContinue reading “Which Puppy Baby I Really Want to Make My Own.”

Bed Time Like A Queen Must Haves.

Bed time is sacred. Personally I feel best when I am in bed an hour before it is time to sleep to start the process of unwinding. Here I will list my Bed Time Like a Queen must haves: I love feeling like royalty while I am in bed and out of bed. But thisContinue reading “Bed Time Like A Queen Must Haves.”

My Must Have Swimsuits For This Summer!

It’s April 30th and summer is less than two months away. You know what that means… It’s time to find the bathing suits that I plan to have on rotation all summer long. We may be in quarantine now, but I am staying optimistic that I will be on a beach in Jamaica this summerContinue reading “My Must Have Swimsuits For This Summer!”

My Quarantine Must haves!

I have been forced to slow down and focus on myself and my home during quarantine like many others around the world. I had my eye on a few things in particular and other things manifested themselves as the quarantine began but here is my list of must haves during quarantine and why “I justContinue reading “My Quarantine Must haves!”

Gabby’s Bible Corner!

I am currently reading the book of Psalms in the Bible and came up with the exciting idea to create a bible reading club. Similar to a book club where people read a book and discuss what they read about. On Gabby’s Bible Corner we will be reading one Chapter in the book of PsalmContinue reading “Gabby’s Bible Corner!”

This Victoria Secret Super Model Shares All her Beauty Secrets!

You have definietly seen her. Elsa Hosk’s face and body has graced many designers runways as well as billboards, store front buildings and our television screens walking the Victoria Secret Runway Shows, just to name a few. She has long been titled Super Model meaning she has made it to the highest level in aContinue reading “This Victoria Secret Super Model Shares All her Beauty Secrets!”

Super Model Elsa Hosk’s Personal trainer kicked my BUTT… Not Joking!

So…. I had a training session with Elsa Hosk’s favorite trainer this morning Megan Roup, the creator of “The Sculpt Society” which is an app where you can get access to her workouts. But I understand why “The Sculpt Society” and Megan Roup is Victoria Secret model Elsa’s go to because it is NO JOKE!Continue reading “Super Model Elsa Hosk’s Personal trainer kicked my BUTT… Not Joking!”

I Made THIS During Quarantine…

I can barely believe it myself but I created resturant worthy potato wedges. Even before this whole quarantine began I had recently moved into my new studio apartment and was extremly excited about making my new apartment a home. I did not have to think about it very much but immedietly would leave work andContinue reading “I Made THIS During Quarantine…”