First of all I am a girl.

A girl who didn’t realize that her calling was always there. My passion and love was always right in front of me. During High school whenever me and my mother and sister would go to the grocery store I would go to the magazine section and and sit on the floor and read about all the latest news about skincare technology and treatments, where were the best spas to go to, what stood out to me in fashion, What to eat and drink to have the best skin according to most respected dietitians and dermatologists in town, which cities and countries were must go destinations. Then I would tear out pages from the magazines and take them home with me and keep them. I was stocking up all this information in hopes that one day I would be paying visits to these dietitians I would read about, buy the clothes that stood out to me and dress as the best version of me, drink and eat all the foods that would keep my skin and organs flawless and working effortlessly well into my old age, go to the spas that promise you wont leave looking or feeling the same way and visit the most beautiful cities and countries in the world. Years later and I am still the same girl.

I don’t sit on the floor at grocery stores anymore and read magazine articles for hours but I am still so passionate about health, skincare, fashion, beauty, and seeing the world and learning about this world we live in and the beauty that is all around it. As I grew up I began modeling and got a degree in Producing and Directing Film and Television. Now I live in New York City, The fashion capital of the world. I am still inspired everyday by this city and other cities I have visited around the world and the amazing fashion here. What brands are going to make me look like I have no waist, longer legs and basically look like a pot of gold, what foods protect me from 5g radiation, have the highest amounts of antioxidants, get rid of my under eye bags, and build my immunity from virus’s.

I am still interested in which facialist are the best not only in New York city but world wide because I am a girl who is on the go. I am still interested in where to go and what is the must thing to do in whichever city I am visiting and more than anything I am always on a wild goose chase for the beauty of a city. I have always been a girl of adventure. I love and have an eye for the best interior design and decor the world has to offer. However the bargainer in me will never die. I love a good find and a good deal.

I share all of this on my website and in a way I share all of me. My passions, my interests, my loves, my hobbies. These are my interests, and my passion is to share it. I implore you to live your passion too whatever that may be.

One huge detail about me is my love of God. He is the one who gives me life. He is the one that created me and the reason I have any talent and capabilities I have and am able to share all this wonderful knowledge with you. Super important detail. God Bless. And I hope you enjoy talking, reading and sharing about all things beauty, nutrition, fitness, fashion, traveling, lifestyle and health.

Let’s Communicate.

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