Which Puppy Baby I Really Want to Make My Own.

Dogs are amazing! They are SOO LOVABLE, cute, sweet, playful, caring and their instincts can be so spot on, being able to know if their owner is sick before a doctor does. So it’s no wonder I have been wanting to add a little baby puppy to my family years. Being quarantine seems like the best time to do it.

The cool thing about getting a puppy is the fact that you can choose to adopt and take in a puppy. Here I have listed some of the puppy babies that I would really love to take home with me and cuddle with forever more!

I have always wanted a Maltese puppy! They are SOOO little and usually very playful! I mean just look at that face. I can just imagine this little cutie having dance parties with and running all over the house with me! We would be inseparable!

Ohh My Goodness Gracious…  Labradoodle,  Labradoodle,  Labradoodle… Can I say  Labradoodle again. These babies are to die for. Their hair is just… ahhhhhh. These babies are like real life teddy bears, but can actually interact with you.

They grow up to get pretty big which is something to consider but from what I have seen from other owners they seems very loving and sweet. I would love to meet a  Labradoodle in real life. I have never had a close up encounter with one.

If you have a  Labradoodle and or know a lot about them, let me know let me know how having one as a part of the family is!

This Boston Terrier is the absolute cutest! This face!! Mamma Mia! I Can’t! I have never interacted with a Boston Terrier and I am curious if for the most they are quiet or playful babies. But with this face I would mind this baby laying around the house all day. (I’m lying. I prefer a baby that is playful because I am very playful and me and a playful baby would get along better. But who’s to say. I am sure these babies are just as playful as they are cute.

OMG! OMG! OMG! French Bull Dog babies are SOOOOO Cute!!! This little face (Crying Emoji). I might end up having five babies by the time this is all over! These babies are the cutest. (But haven’t I said that about all these babies hehe.) But it’s true!

I heard that this bread usually has some breathing issues, so that could be something to consider but I have seen one in action dancing and attempting to workout with its owner and that made me really excited!

This shows that this bread of babies are playful, love interacting and love getting involved. I would love to dance and workout with one of these babies as well!

pomeranian puppy the age of 1month isolated on white

Last but not least, the cutest of the cutest, the most adorable of the adorable, the most fluffiest of the fluffiest! These babies are to literally die for! I cannot contain my excitement about these babies and honestly I feel like a Pomeranian may well be the baby I add into my family first.

But life is unpredictable, so I may end up adopting a baby that really needs a home, but these Pom Pom babies are my WORLD!Well, that is baby puppy talk with me today! The reason I call dogs babies is because no matter how big a dog gets I will always see them as the cutest fuzzy wuzzy, cutie, baby. That’s just how I roll. I still call my 19 year old sister baby GG. So there you have it.

Which one of the puppy babies that I want to add to my family is your favorite??? Please do share. I love Puppies and my voice gets very high pitched when they are around and I start speaking baby language with them lol.

Let’s make this world a better place and try look into adopting which ever babies we can and give them a home. Then, we can add any additional babies to our homes. Who knows! You just might see me with a new baby soon. Follow my stories and profile on the gram to stay updated! Mauh!


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