Bed Time Like A Queen Must Haves.

Bed time is sacred. Personally I feel best when I am in bed an hour before it is time to sleep to start the process of unwinding. Here I will list my Bed Time Like a Queen must haves:

I love feeling like royalty while I am in bed and out of bed. But this post is about bed time so we are going to focus on that. Here we go.

First on my list is:

  • A Robe.

I love Robes and I am very passionate about them. There is something about a Robe that feels so luxurious and transports me to another place that feels like a high class hotel in France. My favorite thing is to be bundled up in a Robe with a towel wrapped around my head, a glass of tea and a good book. Sounds like “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” Not all Robes are created equal however. I love going for a robe like this one from “The Frette.”

A Robe like this will have you thinking you have a yacht and private island somewhere in the Caribbean. (Do I?) Sonoma Williams also has amazing robes that you can have your initials customized on the Robe. If you know me then you know I love all things customized and it just takes bed time to the next level.

Next on the list is:

  • Bedding.

The Type of Sheets one has on their bed is extremely important in achieving that Queen feel. I came across this British Website named Dusk and since then their bedding had me wondering what I was ever doing with my life.

However, Their company is based in the U.K, so if you live in the U.K then this is perfect for you. Since I don’t live in the U.K, I went on a search for the exact same look and found it on William Sonoma’s website.

I dare to say that some of the looks I found on William Sonoma are next level and give Dusk a run for their money. However Dusk is amazingly affordable for its quality. Below is one of my favorite bedding combinations from William Sonoma.

I don’t think I have to say much. This velvet number will have you pressing snooze 20 times, with the cheekiness and comfort, then searching for your royal crown once you awake. Don’t be surprised if you start finding excuses to take selfies in bed either. I also love the black velvet so much! It literally screams at me!

Next on my list is

  • A cup for tea.

I love a hot Turmeric Latte before bed with Nutmeg and Cinnamon. But more important than the Latte is the cup that I am drinking out of. There is nothing like laying under your velvet Duvet covers and against your Italian Hotel Embroidered Shams holding a Très Chic tea cup and saucer while reading an irrestistable book.

Now, that is what I call bedtime. My tea cups are from Steelite. A Resturant in Soho was going out of business and were selling all their fancy plate and glassware, so I was blessed to snag them up for a steal.

But here I list some tea cups I love and have my eye on and will purchase for night time tea with my love and for when friends and family are over and I want to make my favorite Tumeric Latte for them!

I really have a black fetish right now. This set is from William Sonoma. Black is so freaking classy. This tea cup and saucer set is giving me life. The hint of Gold is giving me Queen.

I also just love a classic British style tea cup and saucer set like the ones I have from Steelite. This small dainty tea cup and saucer looks exactly like the ones I have now at home. I love drinking tea, its soothes me from within, quiets my mind, body and soul and prepares me for rest.

Well, there you have it, I personally love to add Pure Essential Oils to my humidifier and do some deep breathing of the essential oils if I feel I need to, I may also spray a rose or lavender mist on my face and pillow, then bed time like a Queen is complete.

What is your bedtime like a queen must haves? Share in a comment below! Get it QUEENS! Sleep well tonight.


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