This Victoria Secret Super Model Shares All her Beauty Secrets!

You have definietly seen her. Elsa Hosk’s face and body has graced many designers runways as well as billboards, store front buildings and our television screens walking the Victoria Secret Runway Shows, just to name a few. She has long been titled Super Model meaning she has made it to the highest level in a models career.

The thing that is even more surprising is that this model has been in the game for over 10 years but still resembles a teenager. Models usually start modeling as early as age 16, so if Elsa has been modeling that long that means she is a certified pro.

But more than that she has become a certified expert at keeping her skin flawless and not only flawless but youthful. So I was extremly excited when one day during quarantine she revealed her go to beauty staples and if anyone knows she knows. When Elsa reveals her beauty staples “YOU LISTEN.”

What is Elsa doing for her skin?

So, when it comes to skincare Elsa reveals that she uses these serums. It’s no surprise that she uses Summer Friday’s Vitamin C serum. Summer Friday’s is one of the hottest brands on on the market right now being praised by models, celebs and every consumer that has tried it pretty much.

Revive Skin Care is a brand I am actually not that familiar with and am super happy Elsa has introduced us all to it. Dr. Barbra Strum is a brand that I hear about from everyone and is praised by everyone. So I am not surprised that Dr. Strums anti-aging Serum is on the list. Elsa uses 111 Skin serum for tightening.

111 Skin is the hottest brand on the market right now. Well known in the fashion world for their face masks. I am super excited this brand is on her list because I heard this brand works miracles by depuffing the skin and adding extreme glow!

And last but not least Tata Harper Skincare’s serum for a nice contour. I am not surprised about Tata Harper. I remember going to Sephora and sampling this product and the results were instant with just a sample. This product is filled with so much nutrients for the skin and that really speaks to me… and my skin!

Elsa’s go to Face washes…

So, a lot of the brands that Elsa loves for her serums are the same brands that she loves for her face washes. Elsa loves Summer Friday’s Super Amino Gel Cleanser. She also loves Dr. Barbra Strums enzyme cleanser.

Elsa shares that she loves Tracie Martyn’s face wash and actually writes that is is her all time favorite. I personally have never heard of the brand and am excited to try it. Last but not least 111 Skin is on her list for favorite face washes.

Now, I don’t know about you but I prefer to buy a product I know that someone else approves of. I am almost guaranteed that it will be money well spent.

Elsa talks FACE MASKS.

Anyone who knows me knows that face masks are one of my favorite parts of my skincare routine. They add instant glow, nurture and nutrients to the skin. It is no surprise that Elsa is using 111 Skin’s Eye masks and face masks.

She posts 5 different masks from the one brand alone which really shows how much she benefits from the brands effects on her skin.

She also lists KNC’s lip mask which I have heard about but never tried and last she lists a brand named MIMI LUZON which you have definietly seen and heard of. The creator of this mask Mimi Luzon is always seen everywhere, especially on instagram doing 24K Gold facials on the most beautiful woman all over the world. She can be seen doing facials on Bella Hadid, Gigi Hadid, Chiara Ferragni, Kaia Gerber, Sara Sampaio, Devon Windsor, Irina Shayk and many other gorgeous women. This 24K facial is all the craze right now in the beauty world thanks to Mimi Luzon, And now you can try her famous facial right at home! How exciting!

What Sun Protection is Elsa using?

Protecting the skin is one of the most important things we can do to protect the skin from premature aging which is no wonder Elsa has not aged.

If she has continued to apply suncreen to her skin before every sun exposure then she has been preserving her skin. Her go to suncreens are Supergoop and are we surprised that her other go to is Dr. Barbra Strum?

I have heard a lot about Supergoop as it is sold everywhere and many beauty lovers talk about it and use it.

Next up, Foundation.

So I am a firm believer in skincare. Skincare is the staple to perfect make up application. However not all foundations are made equal and there is a difference between foundations that make the skin look dewy, hydrated, healthy, flawless and poreless and foundations that can make you look chalky and just don’t look and feel like real skin.

Elsa was kind enough to reveal her go to foundations on top of the already long list of products she decided to share. First up the Armani Beauty Luminous Silk Foundation that I am always hearing about. It is a top pick for flawless skin girls like Kim Kardashian and many others.

Koh Gen Do Aqua Foundation, a foundation from an amazing Japanese brand that I have heard being talked about before and whom’s products are available at our favorite beauty stores.

Surratt, another Japanese brand (Elsa’s got a thing for Japanese brands) that I have heard of before and is well known by beauty lovers and users. Elsa claims that this brands foundation is amazing for smooth even skin.

Beauty Blender, well known and praised for their make up sponges now has foundations and which seems like a no brainer. Emily uses the Bounce Liquid Whip Long Wear Foundation.

Concealer is important!

Nars, and a lot of Laura Mercier are Elsa’s go too’s for concealer. Her Nars concealer is the Radiant Creamy Concealer, and her her Laura Mercier concealer is the Secret Concealer. Which she seems to have a lot of different colors options in.

Elsa’s Acne recommendations.

Acne is something that no-one wants to deal with and something that people all over the world are always looking for a solution for.

Elsa seems to have dealed with acne at some point in her life and places these products as the ones she has experienced works the best.

The Clean & Clear Persa-gel, 111 Skin Anti Blemish Tonic, Dr. Barbra Strum Clarifying Spot Treatment, Neo Strata Smooth Surface Daily Peel Pads, and Dr. Barbra Strum’s Clarifying Mask.

Book an appointment with Elsa’s Colorist.

Wan’t your hair color to have the perfect Ombre or sun kissed blond color and shine just like the model.

Elsa reveals she despretley needs a visit to her hair colorist Lena Ott, The founder of The suite Caroline Salon in Soho NYC.

So, if you live in New York or will be in town and desire locks like Elsa’s you just may be in luck.

The Elsa Tan!

Elsa does not hold back and makes us believe we have been old girlfriends with her for years.

I am brown skinned and have a life time tan but I know that tanning can make all the difference to having a more toned, sculpted and a healthy looking glow.

Elsa reveals she goes for the healthy tanning option which is self tanners and ops for Amanda Harrington London @AmandaHarringtonLondon brand before big shoots.

Thank me later (Wink).

Lip liner is a Serious Thing.

Where would we be in the world without lip liner? Lip liner has been the craze since I was young and watched icons like Naomi Campbell and old films of Marilyn Monroe.

Accentuating the lips has been around for years (not just when Kylie Jenner created her line of lip kits). It’s no wonder Elsa decided to list all her lip liners as the people needed and wanted to know.

Among her go too’s were Kevin Aucoin, KKW Beauty’s 90’s Runway lip liner, Marc Jacob Beauty Nudeist Lip Liner, NYX Cosmetics Nude Beige Lip Liner, and Pat Mcgrath’s Contour Lip Liner.

All the Creme De La Creme of Beauty Periodt.

Beauty is more than what you put on your skin.

Now, I know more than anything that you can have the best skincare products and the most amazing make up and creams but if your not getting enough sleep and living as stress free and anxiety free of a life as possible, all the concoctions in the world won’t do too much.

Elsa knows that very well too. Here she shares how she preserves her mental health and keeps anxiety at bay.

Elsa meditates, cooks, does not sleep longer than usual, works out, stays creative, takes pictures, draws, paints, plays games, and stays in contact with family and friends.

All these things will give you a glow from the inside out.

Rosy Cheeks.

What would life be without blush and bronzer. Some people swear by it and I have to agree.

A face beat is not complete without blush, even a no make up day can be spruced up by some blush on the cheeks.

They add a healthiness to the skin whether you are doing a full face look or a no make up look.

Elsa’s favs are Chanel, Shiseido, Sunnie Face, Too Faced (one of my fav brands), and Benefit Cosmetics.

Beauty has a lot to do with how you smell.

Elsa shares her go to Fragrances, and don’t we want to know how to smell like an angel. I am always interested in new uniques amazing ew fragrances and references are always welcome.

Elsa names so many fragrances that I have never heard of before and this excites me! Instead of the same old, same old I have finally been introduced to some new exciting options.

Elsa’s list consist of Rose 31 by Le Labo Fragrance, Diptyque, Byredo, Bengorham (custom made), and Hermes. Who’s down for a fragrance tasting! (Get it, wine tasting… Fragrance tasting).

Elsa’s everyday make-up.

Last but not least, Elsa lists her current everyday make-up. At this moment she has been using the Laura Mercier concealer, Maybelline Mascara, Shiseido blush, Kevin Aucoin Lip Pencil, Benefit Cosmetics Contour Stick on eyelids and under her cheek bones and Dr. Barbara Strum’s Lip Balm.

What I like to remember is the fact that we all come in different shades and complexions, with different hair colors e.t.c But what I love the most is knowing what girls who maintain their skin use and getting quality recommendations.

So I may not use the exact same color blush, foundation color, moisturizer as Elsa but I may decide I want to try something else within the brands line she uses that best suites me.

The fact is knowing the level of quality. It’s been tested and given the stamp of approval. Especially for females like me that don’t have time and funds to waste and would rather have an 80 percent idea that a brand’s products will deliver and give that million dollar red carpet worthy skin and complexion.

every female on this earth deserves that. (I know I do! hehe).

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