Super Model Elsa Hosk’s Personal trainer kicked my BUTT… Not Joking!

So…. I had a training session with Elsa Hosk’s favorite trainer this morning Megan Roup, the creator of “The Sculpt Society” which is an app where you can get access to her workouts.

But I understand why “The Sculpt Society” and Megan Roup is Victoria Secret model Elsa’s go to because it is NO JOKE! I have been active my whole entire life.

Since middle school I have been playing soccer, running track, playing lacrosse, and now I am a personal trainer myself and I have never ever in my life felt the burn in my butt and legs the way I felt the burn doing Megan Roups booty and core work out.

No wonder Elsa Hosk’s body is so perfect and I really see why!

How did I get to train with this Super Model trainer?

Well, thankfully to all these amazing trainers who we would never have heard about before of have access too, Instagram has been an amazing asset.

Some of my favorite models have been revealing there go to trainers and their trainers have been doing instagram lives and sharing secrets and techniques that we may have never been able to get our hands on before.

The live was a Megan Roup/ “The Sculpt Society” collaboration with Revolve (one of my favorite online shops).

Revolve has been super active when it comes to keeping their loyal followers on instagram healthy and simply sharing instagram profiles and products as well as super cut workout gear that can keep us happy and motivated during this quarantine.

I don’t think my life will ever be the same…

It’s been at least three hours since I did Megan’s booty and abs workout and as I write this post my legs are still throbbing in the best way possible.

I didn’t even know it was possible to feel this type of elevation in my fitness progression.

As you know I do Dogpound workouts almost daily and they have a very Hitt style of training which gives me the best results I have ever had, and adding Megan Roup’s workouts on top of what I thought was already incredible has become a word I can’t describe but she has taken me to another level of really feeling my glutes work.

Joining her app would be the best money ever spent as her booty and leg burn is something I have never experienced before.

It will be a new incredible experience for you and a treat to your amazing looking legs and bum afterwards.

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