I Made THIS During Quarantine…

Processed with Focos

I can barely believe it myself but I created resturant worthy potato wedges. Even before this whole quarantine began I had recently moved into my new studio apartment and was extremly excited about making my new apartment a home. I did not have to think about it very much but immedietly would leave work and come home and cook. And if I’m going to cook I always had to make sure that 1. The food looks mouth watering.

2. The food is actually extremely delicious. 3. The food looks visually pleasing. Quarantine has just allowed me more time to perfect what I had already started and get even more creative with my meals. Now I have more time to really dive deep into creating whatever I want and working on presentation. I love french fries, I mean who doesn’t and this meal was inspired by my love for some good old french fries with a hot dog or a cheese burger. But I decided to take it to the next level and place my potato wedges on a wooden board and add some thyme.

Being Practical

During this time I bought food that can last for a long time and one of those foods is purple potato. Something that you can buy in bulk and is not that expensive but can be prepared to taste extremely good.

I cut up my potatoes into wedges and then placed them on a baking sheet (foil can be used as well), then I placed them on a tray and put them in the oven. Before putting them in the oven I sprinkled my favorite seasoning right now all over them. My favorite seasoning is the Kirkland Organic No-Salt Seasoning that I got from Costco. It literally will last forever because it is 14.5 oz (such a smart size to have during quarantine time).

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a health nut and I love filling my body up with nutrients and I love eating for longevity, good health, energy and amazing skin. So instead of using super boring salt and pepper to season my fries why not get some nutrients out of every meal I eat.

So this seasoning has Oregano, which the benefits of Oregano are absolutely outstanding but more than just one outstanding ingredient this seasoning has 21. I am on cloud 9. And things like this make me so incredibly happy!

I also drizzled each wedge with Olive Oil which is also very high in nutrients and was recommended by doctors as one of the most important oils to digest during this pendemic as it can protect your immune system greatly.

Olive Oil is filled with tons of nutrients and I have been cooking with it everyday for months now.

Last but not least, salt. I have been using Sea Salt as I have a huge container in my home. Also, using an iodized salt is very good so that you obtain that nutrient which is extremely important.

Processed with Focos

And that is how I achieved this food magazine worthy dish. I am so curious to see and know if you guys also try to make at home french fries/wedges.

Share your pictures and videos with me via Instagram @GabrielleMcLeggan or comment below! Happy Cooking! And Cheers to Good Health!

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