Being Customized Never Looked So Good.

Quarantine Turned Me Into A Chef.

Creating exciting meals that don’t bore me and keep me on my toes has become my greatest challenge and pleasure. Here I share my latest creation.

I’m Staying More Fit During Quarantine Than Ever Before!

With all the amazing Celebrity and Model trainers doing Instagram lives almost Daily and with nowhere to go but in the house, I have been getting into the best shape of my life. Here I share who has been my go to for fitness during the quarantine.

Bed Time Like a Queen.

Drake said it best. “I only love my bed and my Mama, I’m Sorry.” Well, I am no exception. I love my bed and the more comfortable and pleasing my bed is means that I will love it even more.

My Quarantine Must Haves!

Being in Quarantine equals a lot of online shopping! With having so much time at home now, I am only interested in making my studio apartment as cozy and as pleasing as possible. Here are some things that I need to get my hands on during quarantine and forever!

Dog On The Brain

All I can say is, it’s not my dog yet…

I have been wanting a puppy to call my own for SOOOO long. Here I share the breeds that I have my eye on and if you are on the market for a puppy too may spark some cuteness and ideas your way.

Some Of The Most Beautiful Woman Reveal Their Beauty Secrets.

From the hottest supermodels to the the most well kept bloggers. Some of our favorites finally reveal just how exactly they look SOOOO DAMN GOOD…

Getting Ready With Emily Ratajkowski!

Who hasn’t been dying to know Emily’s go to daily make up? The Versace Model and Actress finally opens up about some of her go to secrets via Instagram live.

Elsa Hosk shares her go to skincare, face masks, serums, Acne Solutions, tanning secrets and so much more!

Can’t believe this Victoria Secret Super Model just revealed all her secrets! How lucky are we!

If You don’t know YoYo Cao, You will now.

The blogger with the best kept youthful supple skin finally revealed one of her biggest SkinCare perfecting masks with her instagram followers and I can’t wait to get my hands on it!

Did someone say beach…

My Must Have Swimsuits for this Summer.

In Quarantine or not, I have already started planning what swimwear is a must have for summer.